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SMS Millcraft LLC, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, is one of the largest suppliers of off-line maintenance for metals producers in the US.

With our state-of-the-art technology, leading-edge mold expertise, field-service capabilities, well equipped facilities, precision craftsmanship and consistent attention to detail, we can help metals producers find solutions to their production challenges, improve processes, extend campaigns and reduce their maintenance costs.

SMS Millcraft has the facilities, services, experience and technology to keep metals producing equipment, from ladles to finishing mills, running in peak condition.

SMS Millcraft is part of the SMS group of internationally renowned companies which provide plant construction and mechanical engineering for steel and nonferrous metals producers and press and forging operations.


What's new

Strip cladding technologies

Exclusive strip roll overlay technologies with superior characteristics

Roll shop management

On-site turnkey roll maintenance shops for hot and cold rolling mills